Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Updates

Thank you to all who came on December 7th! It was great to see Nicole and Erin's twin girls, now nearly six months old! The toy donations will go to families in need  at the Healthy Families Program of Brown County's Family Services.

The group learned some exciting news from two of our members: 

Ben and Joshua, Harper's parents, are pleased to announce they are expecting a baby through surrogate this June! Their surrogate is a dear friend of them both here in Appleton so they will be able to experience all aspects of their child's development during physician visits and of course, be at the birth! Congratulations daddies!!

New members, Tia and Jillian won their petition in Winnebago County for Jillian to become Zander's legal guardian. Tia gave birth to Zander. As you know Wisconsin does not permit second parent adoptions so this ruling sets legal precedent for many as they are now both Zander's legal "mommies". You can check out their story on their blog: Congratulations mommies!!

As we approach the end of a calendar year it seems like a good time to  update our e-mail list as well as the Valued Families contact list (addresses and phone numbers). I know some of you have only come to one or two meetings and I just want to make sure you wish to remain on the contact list. I would appreciate it if everyone would please e-mail me any address changes etc. and to let me know if you wish to be removed from this e-mail contact list and/or the address list . Once I have everyone's updates I will redistribute the contact list to all members.

Enjoy the busy days leading up to the holiday. Look for a family sledding activity in January!

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